Early Maths for School Age Children

Number Mastery for School Age Children

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Number Mastery for School Age Children Using Game Play and Audio Technology - The Complete 5 Disc Set

A Really Effective Way to get Your Child Enjoying Maths Again

The Complete Set of Game Play DVD and CD audio Products
Set comprises 4 CD's and 1 DVD in a 5 disc case with lightscribe labels
Math - Adds Up to the Only Universal Language.
10 minutes a day, that's all it will take.

32 Quick and Easy Ways for YOU to Learn Maths and Impress Your Friends, Parents and Teachers, FAST!!!

28 Games on DVD and 4 full length CD's provide a GOLDMINE of educational ideas that'll show YOU how to get to grips with your numbers within minutes of starting! Includes a free print out of all the games, so you can read and watch how they are played.

Number Mastery 5 Disc Set
Don't let maths be your weak spot. You need maths for almost every other subject you will ever study, and for the rest of your life: chemistry, biology, physics, history, geography, IT, music, and more.

When you leave school, you'll need maths for: shopwork, factory work, engineering, office work, accountancy, banking, insurance and many, many more.

This DVD and CD Number Mastery set is designed to help primary school children who may be struggling with numbers, or worse, are being failed by the system. Pre-school and primary school children are required to memorize large amounts of numerical data. When they fail, or struggle to do so, they invariably get the blame, or get left behind. Struggling in one subject often leads to problems in other subjects later on.

Recalling basic maths is critical to advancement, especially in secondary school, because it allows children to approach more advanced maths without being bogged down by a lack of basic maths skills. The number of children entering secondary education without the necessary skills to move forward in maths is frightening! Just 10 minutes a day with your child NOW, and allowing them to listen to the CD's as they drop off to sleep, will ensure they are equipped to progress through school with confidence and skill.

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The Addition Disc Audio Product

CD Disc 1 of 5
The Subtraction Disc Audio Product

CD Disc 2 of 5
The Multiplication Disc Audio Product

CD Disc 3 of 5
The Division Disc Audio Product

CD Disc 4 of 5
The Game Play Disc DVD Product

Disc 5 of 5
Maths Games DVD

Don't believe anyone who tells you maths is difficult, or worse, impossible. The truth is, learning to do maths is simple and fun.

Numbers are everywhere, in nature and in your home. We get so used to seeing them that we tend not to notice after a while. There's 1 moon, 2 sides to every argument, 3 leaves on a clover, and 4 if you're lucky. There are 5 legs on a starfish and 5 rings in the Olympic flag. 6 is the number of strings on a guitar, legs on an insect or quarks making up the universe. There are 7 days of the week, 7 stellar objects in the solar system visible to the naked eye from Earth and 8 tentacles on an octopus. The growth of a baby lasts 9 months and 0 is the start of everything and nothing at all. That's it! Perhaps that's why we have 10 fingers and thumbs, to make counting easier.

There are only 10 digits to make up every number ever known, but look what Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein did with those 10 digits. There are only 3 colours, just 3 pure colours, but look what Michelangelo and van Gogh did with those 3 colours. There are only 7 whole notes, but just listen to what Mozart and Beethoven did with those 7 notes ....... Look what the Beatles did with 2!

Joking aside, it's true that music is everywhere, colour is everywhere, and numbers are everywhere. We need to engage with it, or get swamped by it. Have you noticed how everything in nature boils down such that the beauty lies in its simplicity?

The Addition Disc Audio Product

Disc 1 of 4 - Addition - An Addition Audio CD

Available as one of a set of four CD's, covering basic addition up to 50 +

Q. When should I use these CD's? The best time to listen is when your child has gone to bed and is settling down for the night. Allow your child to lie there quietly and listen to the relaxing voice and numbers. Sometimes children will repeat them out loud for a while, and at other times, they will simply fall into a restful sleep and learn while they rest. This is fine and equally effective.
The Subtraction Disc Audio Product

Disc 2 of 4 - Subtraction - A Subtraction Audio CD

Available as one of a set of four CD's, covering basic subtraction up to 40 −

Q. Why? So often children find learning stressful and upsetting. Their negative responses are multiplied and this can lead to class disruption, illness, headaches, lack of confidence, low self esteem and other things, like insomnia. High quality restful sleep is a cornerstone of good education. The gentle nature of these CD's will enable your child to fall asleep quickly and easily after their learning session.
The Multiplication Disc Audio Product

Disc 3 of 4 - Multiplication - A Multiplication Audio CD

Available as one of a set of four CD's, covering basic multiplication up to 30 ×

Q. How? With one or two listening sessions quite close together, you and your child will begin to see how easily they can become open to learning and responsive to problem solving. This isn't something that is here today and gone tomorrow. Talking to your subconscious mind is how you create long term memory. That's why you can remember how to ride a bike and instantly sing the words of a song you learned as a child, whenever you hear the tune.
The Division Disc Audio Product Disc 4 of 4 - Division - A Division Audio CD

Available as one of a set of four CD's, covering basic division up to 30 ÷

Q. Who? Some young people have difficulty making meaningful connections with numbers and the terminology used in maths class. Sometimes children are unable to recall basic maths facts or may be slow to do written or mental calculations. Their handwriting may be hindering progress, or they may forget where they are in the middle of a math problem. Some may have behavioural, distraction or attention difficulties, or just simply lose their train of thought. Whatever the reason, if maths is an issue, the solution is maths.

The Game Play Disc DVD Product Disc 5 - Maths Games DVD - Learning Maths Through Game Play

This DVD is full of tips and skills for parents to help their children at home or in school, either by showing them ways to make maths fun or by coaching them to improve their maths skills. Includes FREE bonus of games with rules on PDF.

Q. I really struggle with maths and I'm afraid this rubs off onto my child. Will your DVD help me too?
A. Absolutely 100% YES. Age is not the issue. What matters is taking up the small challenge and engaging with the ideas on the DVD. You will have fun with maths, show your child exactly how easy it is, and building your confidence will increase your child's confidence beyond anything you have seen so far.

The Complete Set of Game Play DVD and CD audio Products Philip Chave (
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Concept and presentation: Phil and Jordan Chave
Filming, editing, animation and narration: Phil Chave
Game play: Phil and Jordan Chave
Music: Jamie Sims - Cumara Music Company
Filmed and recorded on location at: The Haven Healing Centre, Blagdon, Bristol, UK
Copyright © MMXII Philip Chave and Jordan Chave. All rights reserved.

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